Increase in the minimum wage in Mexico for the year 2024

8 January 2024

On December 12, 2023, a resolution issued by the Council of Representatives of the National Minimum Wage Commission was published in the Federal Official Gazette, which established the new general and professional minimum wages effective as of January 1, 2024.

In Mexico, two categories of minimum wage can be distinguished: general and professional. The distinction between the two is that professional wages recognize the specialization of the workers, as well as the level of knowledge and particular skills.

Likewise, a distinction can be drawn between two geographic areas regarding the increment of the minimum wage. The first is the Northern Border Free Zone (“ZLFN” for its acronym in Spanish), which comprises a range of 24 kilometers located on the border with the United States of America, in order to prevent migration in search of employment, providing the opportunity to work in Mexico. The second is the Rest of the Country.

The general minimum wages for the year 2024 will be increased by 20% in the two geographic areas previously mentioned, with respect to the wages of 2023. Consequently, the general minimum wage for the ZLFN will be of $374.89 Mexican Pesos per day, while the general minimum wage for the Rest of the Country will be $248.93 Mexican Pesos per day.

In the same way, the minimum professional wage for the year 2024 will increase by 20% of the minimum professional wage approved for the year 2023, which will be applicable in both geographic areas mentioned above.

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