Practice areas

Administrative Law

We are familiar with the Public Administration and maintain constant interaction with administrative authorities at the federal, state and municipal levels. We are aware of the challenges that the constant changes in regulations and the impact that government actions have on the different practice areas and sectors in which our business partners operate.

We specialize in the design of strategic solutions related to all types of regulatory and contentious issues, favoring a full integration of our administrative and public law practice areas.

Environmental Law, Climate Change and Sustainability

We specialize in technical and legal advice for the environmental management of projects and the implementation of compliance systems, auditing, monitoring, and evaluation of environmental legal obligations, as well as in the design of corporate environmental governance strategies and corporate socio-environmental responsibility.

We provide advice for obtaining permits, authorizations, and licenses from the three levels of government and for the proposal, discussion, and elaboration of environmental public policies, the implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, as well as environment litigation processes, including class actions, public complaints, and environmental liability.

Banking and Finance

We participate in all sectors of the financial and banking industry, representing intermediaries and participants in highly sophisticated transactions. We draft credit agreements and credit restructurings with national and international banking and financial institutions, and participate in the design and implementation of complex financial structures for international project financing.

We advise clients on a diverse range of financial transactions, including local and international loans and credit facilities, syndicated loans, asset and property financing, debt exchange and restructuring, corporate financing and refinancing, multilateral and public financial institutions, and private banking.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

We understand the needs of private equity and venture capital funds, and the dynamics and standards of their businesses, thereby allowing us to provide comprehensive, competitive, and efficient advice following the practices of their respective sectors and the latest trends in the legal services market.

We provide transactional advice to capital entities and support them in creating value through the design, structure, and negotiation of investment projects in different industries. Our experts have extensive experience negotiating mergers and acquisitions, structuring public offerings, tax planning, and regulatory compliance.


We provide comprehensive services due to the convergence of different practices involved in e-commerce, such as corporate law, consumer protection, personal data protection, information technology, intellectual property, telecommunications and tax, thus complying with the applicable framework for the development of digital business models.

We advise our business partners on aspects to consider in business models based on digital media, such as applications, platforms and social networks, as well as the necessary requirements to provide digital business continuity and diversification.

International Trade and Customs

We assist national and multinational companies in origin verification procedures initiated by the customs authority based on the various international treaties signed by Mexico, in administrative procedures in customs matters, and in cabinet reviews or home visits initiated by the Tax Administration Service or by the States. As well as in the verification of origin initiated by the customs authority based on the various international treaties signed by Mexico.

We represent and advise foreign exporters, national producers and importers before the Unit of International Commercial Practices of the Ministry of Economy, in the diverse procedures contemplated in the legislation of foreign trade in relation to unfair international trade practices, concerning the dumping and illegal subsidies modalities.


Our practice covers all aspects of antitrust law. We advise on obtaining authorization from the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE) or the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) in complex mergers and acquisitions and represent major conglomerates in specialized antitrust litigation.

We continuously assist business partners from very different industries in internal investigations and audits for absolute and relative monopolistic practices, illegal concentrations and barriers to competition. Regarding prevention, our practice develops compliance and training programs in antitrust matters.


We change paradigms by meeting the needs of our clients in terms of real-time legal compliance, a priority that responds to the constant regulatory changes and the high social and governmental scrutiny that companies receive. Our services include the management and creation of comprehensive and multidisciplinary programs to provide effective risk prevention and management and incident response.

Our team has extensive experience in the design and implementation of compliance and training programs and policies on corporate ethics, antitrust, data privacy, money laundering, and anti-corruption, including tailored policies designed to give effect in Mexico to foreign anti-corruption laws and regulations, such as the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act, and European Union regulations.

Insolvency Proceedings

We keep a firm commitment to stand by our clients, debtors, or creditors, in the challenges involved in bankruptcy proceedings and advise them before courts in Mexico.

To protect our client’s interests, we design high-impact litigation strategies that help to successfully overcome any insolvency situation. To achieve this, we combine the experience of our litigators in complex legal proceedings with multidisciplinary resources and the technical knowledge of diverse experts in the areas involved in each process, including tax, securities, labor, governmental lobbying, mergers, divestitures, downsizing, and cost reduction strategies.


We offer legal services and solutions on corporate and commercial law matters, with an innovative and strategic entrepreneurial focus. We design and implement deals that require sophisticated approaches and devise ground-breaking solutions that frequently become common play in corporate law.

We assist our business partners with the incorporation, dissolution, merger and spin-off of companies, granting and revocation of powers of attorney, drafting of corporate resolutions and preparation and filing of notices with the National Registry of Foreign Investments.

Franchising and Licensing

As part of our specialized IP practice, we advise Mexican and foreign clients in the protection of their production, supply, and distribution of products or services. Our advice comes from an Industrial Property perspective, including negotiation, preparation, and implementation of the pertinent license of use agreements and franchise agreements to ensure their compliance with the Mexican law.

Consistent with S+S philosophy of offering clients comprehensive advice, our experts coordinate with experts in related fields including trade, customs, tax, among others.

Corporate Governance

We design and implement corporate governance structures according to the needs of each business partner, based on principles of accountability, equity and transparency as they relate to their respective governance bodies and stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, government and the community), to create a positive impact, achieve objectives and set forth internal governance controls to ensure the economic and sustainable growth of the company.

Our services include consulting, implementation, training, and execution, as well as evaluating the level of corporate governance, supervision, and monitoring for the prevention of legal risks and control of regulatory compliance, ensuring orderly growth, creating competitive advantages, and generating value for the company.


We advise on restructurings, representing debtors or creditors, and maintain a firm commitment to stand by our business partners in the challenges of private reorganizations involving multiple creditors or multiple jurisdictions.

We protect the interests of our business partners and seek to achieve equitable reorganizations for all parties involved while remaining vigilant to successfully overcome the insolvency situation.

We have the experience and resources to conduct reorganization proceedings with comprehensive teams of experts depending on the specific characteristics and needs of each client. Each project is led by experts in restructuring and other areas involved in each process, including bankruptcy, strategic litigation, tax, securities, labor, governmental lobbying, mergers, divestitures, downsizing, and cost reduction strategies.

Technology Law

Projects in the digital space require efficient protection and operation. Therefore we advise projects that focus on the development, performance, and exploitation of technology, starting with the analysis of the protection of intellectual property and the function of the technology itself.

We participate in the different stages and characteristics of each operation, including intellectual property, licensing, software, hardware, technology transfer, video games, outsourcing, e-commerce, acquisitions, consulting services, Internet, telecommunications, antitrust, healthcare matters, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, in each case across a wide spectrum of industries and technologies.


We offer sophisticated services and solutions in tax consulting, litigation, and the design and implementation of tax structures. We advise our business partners in domestic and international tax structuring and transactional cases.

Our tax practice area specializes in tax matters related to restructurings and mergers, and acquisitions, including cross-border cases with business partners based primarily in the United States and Europe.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We represent potential buyers and target entities in the negotiation and execution of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, including local and cross-border transactions with the support of our network of foreign firms.

We design strategies and structures tailored to the needs of each client and transaction, taking advantage of our team’s multidisciplinary skills and resources across strategic practice areas in diverse industries.

Our services include drafting and negotiating of transaction agreements, conducting specialized legal due diligence, as well as filing regulatory compliance proceedings and securing applicable authorizations, including merger control clearance.

Real Estate

We advise companies involved in real estate projects, either as developers, constructors, administrators, trustees or realtors, by designing corporate and contractual structures in order to reach an efficient operation of each project and maximize results.

Our experience includes participation in diverse stages and characteristics of each operation, including the review and attention to agrarian and urban development aspects, acquisition, transmission, leasing, construction, financing and granting of guarantees, and operation of real estate projects regarding, among others, industrial warehouses, distribution centers and malls, offices, housing complexes, tourist developments, mixed-use complexes, airports and “ejidal” properties (common land).

Labor and Social Security

Our labor and employment practice area is robust and strengthened by attorneys specialized in individual and collective labor relationships and interpretation of the Mexican Federal Labor Law and its regulations.

We advise in aspects to consider before the recruitment of personnel, the formalization and management of employment relationships, as well as the termination of employment contracts with or without cause, ensuring the compliance of applicable legal provisions and designing strategies to reduce potential risks.

Our team represents business partners at the local and federal Conciliation and Arbitration Boards, in individual labor disputes and collective actions, as well as in inspections carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the State Labor Secretariats.

Social Security

We provide consulting services on social security matters, including the application and compliance of employers´ obligations pursuant to the Social Security Law and its regulations, from the procurement of employer registration numbers and transfer of personnel proceedings, as well as legal audits on this matter.

We provide support to our business partners in proceedings, registrations, notices, authorizations, general advice, and defense strategies considering the applicable legal provisions.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

We develop innovative solutions and offer integral advice to our business partners in the prevention and, if necessary, resolution of conflicts. We develop ethical, solid, and efficient legal strategies based on the experience and knowledge of our team of lawyers.

We advise our business partners, with whom we work closely and in coordination, to address local and federal judicial controversies, which derive from relationships within real estate and construction law, business organizations, contract law, debt collections (e.g., foreclosure or summary mercantile proceedings), insurance, reinsurance and bonds, class actions, product liability, and mass tort.

As a preventive measure, we offer our business partners advice on different approaches to avoid litigation.

Constitutional, Administrative and Fiscal Litigation

We support our business partners in planning and implementing the best defense strategies against any act of authority that affects their rights. We are well versed in and interpret the Constitution and the various administrative and fiscal laws of Mexico, including the analysis of the issues that are presented to our business partners in the relations they have with various government agencies that often lead to the preparation of claims for protection, invalidity proceedings or any other type of administrative appeal or instance that is appropriate to ensure that their rights are respected.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We successfully solve disputes with a modern, creative, and innovative approach in the application of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We identify and apply the strategies and mechanisms that are best suited to successfully solve the conflicts of our business partners.

We are experts in negotiation, mediation, conciliation, expertise, expert determination, dispute boards, hybrid procedures, commercial arbitration, and investment arbitration, among others. Our team’s capabilities allow us to identify and efficiently apply the most appropriate strategies and tools to successfully resolve the conflicts that arise with our business partners.

Commercial Arbitration

We act as arbitrators or legal representatives in national and international conflict resolutions procedures.

We participate in procedures for the execution of domestic arbitration awards and for the recognition and execution of international arbitration awards in the following sectors: construction, energy, international trade, etc. and deep understanding of various arbitration regulations (ICDR, CAM, CANACO, ICC, LCIA, among others).


We offer immigration law services, including those related to international mobility to support multinational corporations in the process of bringing foreign employees and their families with the purpose to live, reside, study, or work in Mexico. We offer legal advice to individual business partners to obtain temporary or permanent residency in Mexican territory as well as to apply for Mexican citizenship.

S+S provides each business partner personal attention in close coordination with our tax, labor, and foreign trade experts to assist not only in immigration matters but also on issues such as income tax, the tax liability for Mexican-source income, restrictions on Mexican companies hiring foreign individuals, and the rules governing the client’s importing household goods, automobiles, and personal effects, including pets.

Family Offices and Succession Planning

We have particular expertise in advising family businesses, derived from the proximity and high level of trust with our business partners.

We design holding vehicles (trusts, partnerships, etcetera) and regulation of family codes and protocols to define the position of family members within the business group.

We integrate multidisciplinary work teams to attend to the preservation and growth of the patrimony of the heads of families and its orderly transmission to their successors.

Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention

Money laundering and terrorism financing prevention are a priority both domestically and globally. It is a complex phenomenon with serious economic and social implications where legislation for prevention is only one of many tools to protect financial systems and economies by establishing measures and procedures to prevent and detect transactions or activities involving illegal proceeds or relating to the financing of terrorists actions.

Our firm assists clients in the financial and non-financial sectors on regulatory matters, as well as compliance catalogs provided in local legislation, including the adaptation of criteria for conducting transactions with the general public, as well as assistance in the analysis and design of methodologies, policies, and procedures. Our clients include financial institutions, traders, insurance companies, NGOs, department stores, automotive companies, and jewelers, among others.

Privacy and Data Protection

We understand that the collection and use of any type of information plays an important role in the development of many business models at an international level. However, the development and use of technologies for collecting, storing, using, disclosing, and transferring any type of information have associated risks when it comes to the unauthorized use of personal data and invasion of privacy rights.

Our services include drafting tailored-made privacy notices, drafting and negotiating agreements governing the transfer of personal data, internal policies addressing privacy and data protection, processor obligations when acting as a controller of personal data, and procedures to handle claims resulting from the exercise of the right to access, rectify, cancel, and oppose.

Additionally, our team has wide experience advising and assisting our business partners on administrative proceedings initiated by, or before, the data protection institute to verify compliance with applicable rules on the matter. We also provide solutions to handle a multiplicity of complex matters related to data breaches.

Intellectual Property

We are experts in the field of intangible assets and intellectual property, with emphasis on the protection and defense of trademarks, trade names and notices, patents, utility models, industrial designs, trade secrets, transfer of technology, copyrights, franchises and licenses, plant varieties, protection and monetization of personal data, domain names and other related rights.

We represent clients in the automotive, alcoholic beverage, consumer goods, entertainment, pharma, fashion, and cosmetics industries, among others.

We develop strategies and defense of these rights through the preparation and prosecution or defense in infringement, nullity, forfeiture, and cancellation actions, as well as in appeals before any instance and in the claim of damages derived from the violation of intellectual property rights.

Consumer Protection

We represent clients in the submission and defense of claims before the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor or PROFECO) and we follow up on the proceeding through conclusion.

We represent various suppliers of goods and services and commercial clients in compliance with applicable consumer protection provisions, including the preparation and registration of adhesion contracts required by the Federal Consumer Protection Law and the Mexican Official Standards issued by the Ministry of Economy; promotions and advertising aspects, recall programs, among others.

Health and Life Sciences

Contamos con un equipo especializado en regulación sanitaria, enfocado en las industrias farmacéutica, química, agroindustrial (incluyendo semillas híbridas y genéticamente modificadas), alimentaria, bebidas alcohólicas, tabacalera, cosmética y de la cannabis, con amplia experiencia en materia de etiquetado, publicidad, registros sanitarios, permisos de importación, certificados de exportación, avisos de funcionamiento, licencias sanitarias, certificados de buenas prácticas de manufactura y demás autorizaciones sanitarias.

Asistimos a nuestros clientes en todas sus necesidades legales derivadas de las regulaciones sanitarias y relacionadas con productos de consumo, incluyendo asesoría en procedimientos de adquisiciones públicas de insumos para la salud y procedimientos administrativos ante las autoridades sanitarias en materia de retiro de productos, implementación y aprobación de protocolos médicos de investigación y consultas para obtener criterios sobre nuevos productos regulados, materias primas y dispositivos tecnológicos aplicados a las ciencias de la vida, incluyendo la telemedicina.


We have ample experience in the insurance field from the regulatory and product perspective. We assist domestic and foreign business partners to obtain regulatory authorizations for the direct and indirect incorporation, acquisition, and restructuring of Mexican insurance carriers, as well as in enrolling foreign insurers in the reinsurer’s registry.

We assist foreign carriers in the evaluation of the possibility to offer insurance products in Mexico without the need for a domestic carrier, under the special regime in effect under the applicable regulation.


We have extensive and significant experience in tourism development. Our expertise in this area involves aspects of specialized corporate practice, necessary for the performance of due diligence of hotels and resorts and for their setting up and operation, including the drafting and negotiation of stock purchase agreements of companies owning hotels or hotel assets.

We currently represent several groups of multinational companies in the implementation of structures for the acquisition, development, and operation of tourist projects, including hotels and resorts, vacation clubs, private residential clubs, timesharing projects, vacation property projects, mixed-use projects, and fractional ownership regimes.

Strategic Projects

Public-Private Partnerships

We participate in the design, development and implementation of infrastructure and energy projects carried out at the federal, state and municipal levels under the public-private partnership (PPP) scheme.

We advise both public entities, capital and credit financiers, and private sector companies that build and operate infrastructure assets, including their participation in the bidding stage and negotiation of the PPP contract. We support various business partners in the preparation and approval of unsolicited proposals under federal and various state laws.

We represent various national and international financial entities, as well as rating agencies in the review and determination of the legal validity of public-private partnerships and their possible financial scheme, to determine the viability of the projects and their financing.


We stand out by our experience and reputation in energy project development. We advise national and international clients in the development and operation of electric, wind, and photovoltaic projects, in regulatory, real estate, environmental, social impact, corporate, and financial matters.

In the hydrocarbons and petroleum sector, we participate in the storage, distribution, compression, liquefaction, decompression, regasification, transportation, marketing, and sale to the public of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum products, and petrochemicals. We also advise in the management of integrated systems, service stations, gasoline and diesel import and export permits, hydrocarbon exploration and extraction projects, as well as in the execution and administration of the respective contracts and the compliance of commitments and obligations under the agreements and the applicable regulations.

Project Finance and Infrastructure

We have extensive experience offering innovative solutions that guarantee legal certainty through an adequate distribution of risks and responsibilities. Our robust legal support integrates the needs and concerns of financial intermediaries to achieve a global vision of documents, facilitating the financing of operations.

We advise public and private sector entities in the planning, development, execution, and financing of urban infrastructure projects in the electrical, energy, telecommunications, transportation (including roads, railroads, ports and airports), health, water treatment plants, and waste management industries.

Procurement and Privatizations

We are actively involved in the procurement procedures at all three levels of government in Mexico.

We collaborate as external legal advisors to the federal government in the planning, preparation, execution, and development of public procurement procedures, including the divestiture of assets.

Our representation is integral, as it involves the design of documentation for the bidding and contracting procedure and concludes with the negotiation of the final documentation during the stage of awarding the contract or concession by the government entity to the private company.