Taxation and Collection Master Plan 2023


Taxation and Collection Master Plan 2023

March 1st, 2023

On January 29, 2023, the Tax Administration Service (hereinafter the “SAT“) unveiled the master plan for auditing and collection for 2023, where new areas on which the SAT will focus to carry out its auditing actions, with the intention of improving tax and customs compliance and obligations carried out by taxpayers.

The plan focuses on the following four general administrations: Collection, Large Taxpayers, Federal Tax Audit, and Foreign Trade Audit, which focuses on the following points:

A)Authority Management:
The aim is to support taxpayers in their voluntary compliance, as well as to monitor the regularization of taxpayers with differences in their obligations, improve the process of recovering tax credits and coordinate with federal entities.

B)Audit Actions:
Combating “billers” and “nominators”, increasing road operations, analyzing income and expenses, reviewing foreign trade operations as well as imports, and publishing effective rates for 2020 and 2021.

C)Increased Attention to Taxpayer Review:
Related to 16 economic activities of the following sectors: steel, food, automotive, beverages and tobacco, commerce, construction, electronics, energy, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, mining, real estate services, financial system, stock holding, telecommunications and tourism/hospitality.

D)Concept and Behavior Review:
Improper application of credit balances; hydrocarbon supply chain; IEPS crediting; pensions, payroll exemptions and simulation of specialized services; refunds, 0% rate, non-object and temporary import; undervaluation in foreign trade operations and improper use of treaties; verification of compliance with Value Added Tax- Special Tax on Production and Services (hereinafter the “IVA”-“IEPS”) certifications; mining rights; corporate restructurings; and the tax effects of spin-offs and mergers; partners and shareholders (individuals in transactions associated with restructurings); tax losses; preferential tax regimes; financing, capitalization of liabilities and distribution of profits; foreign payments and international restructurings; and trusts.


With the implementation of these strategies, the SAT has at its disposal thorough a meticulous support to taxpayers in order to comply them with the process of recovery of tax credits and thus it is possible to foresee an increase in the collection of income tax revenues from individuals and corporations.

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