Nom that contemplates the listing of hazardous substances and materials and their transportation process

28 December 2023

On December 18, NOM-002-SCT-SEMAR- ARTF/2023, List of Hazardous Substances and Materials (Dangerous Goods) (“NOM” for its acronym in Spanish), issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation, was published in the Federal Official Gazette (“DOF” for its acronym in Spanish), specifying the hazardous goods and the measures that must be taken for their proper transportation.


The purpose of the publication of this NOM is to identify the dangerous goods to be transported, taking into consideration their class, hazard division, secondary hazard, number assigned by the United Nations Organization, the special provisions to which their transportation must be subject, quantitative limits of limited quantities and permitted excepted quantities and the corresponding instructions for the use of packages/packaging, large packages/packaging, intermediate bulk containers, large containers and packaging, portable tanks, multiple element gas containers and bulk containers and their special provisions.

For the purposes of this NOM, Hazardous Material shall be understood as those hazardous substances, their remnants, containers, packaging and other components that make up the cargo to be transported by the units.


The NOM is mandatory for all shippers, carriers and consignees of dangerous goods transported by land, air and sea routes of general communication.


This NOM will become effective 60 (sixty) calendar days after the day following its publication in the DOF.

Additionally, with the entry into force of this NOM, NOM-002-SCT2/2011 “List of the most commonly transported hazardous substances and materials”, published in the DOF on January 27, 2012, is cancelled.


This NOM intends to implement the use of new technologies so that the transportation services of dangerous goods provide greater safety, not only to users, but also to those who provide transportation services.

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