Mexican companies: forced to evolve in an ever-changing market

14 June 2023

The current market in which Mexican companies find themselves in is constantly changing. Thus, they are obliged to update themselves along with the market if they do not wish to be left behind. For this reason, it is necessary that companies are open to all kinds of changes, such as mergers between companies, structural changes in their processes and internal organization and even a complete renewal as a brand and/or the purchase and/or sale of new lines of business; Mexican companies must develop new strategies and not focus on the previous market, instead they must be constantly changing as the market itself does.

When comparing companies, it is clear to see who are ahead of the rest. Those companies that have taken the lead did not waste their time after perceiving the changes in the market and have already started to review their internal structure, their shareholdings, resources and even a change in their short-, medium- and long-term projections. Sometimes this may involve acquisitions, sales or the inclusion of new investors or partners in the company. In this way, companies can see what opportunities are in the market and which ones suit them best.

Currently, there are several market sectors where these changes made by Mexican companies have been predominant, including the automotive industry, mining and even the gamble and gaming sector.

Today we find ourselves in a market with great versatility due to the pandemic we have recently experienced. The technology industry, artificial intelligence, media, and social networks have triggered generational changes, not only in our society, but also in the market. Countless trends come and go day by day, so having the flexibility to be constantly changing is something that could benefit Mexican companies.

Due to the disruption the market suffered caused by the aforementioned pandemic and the impact of the Internet, our reality has been altered and with it the different areas of our lives have evolved. Because of this, the doors have been opened to these new strategies driven by a changing landscape. Among them some are more mundane and others more pointed, but all of them seek to solve market and market-related issues.

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