International Investment Treaties (APPRIS and commercial treaties) (the “Protection Agreements”)

June 06 2022

Relevant comments.

How can a National Citizen benefit from a Protection Agreement in his own country?

To encourage and protect foreign investment, governments execute Protection Agreements, which prohibit unfair, discriminatory, or expropriator measures towards foreign investors.

Under the current circumstances, foreign investors have a higher degree of security compared to domestic investors, as they are covered by the Protection Agreements and have the possibility of raising controversies through international arbitration.

Unlike Mexican courts, arbitration chambers are not under the influence and pressure of national governments, which usually has a negative impact in their ruling and/or definitive resolutions.

Unlike Mexican Law, the concept of direct and indirect expropriation is widely developed under international law.

Under a proper strategy, Mexican investors can be protected by the Protection Agreements as well as foreign investors.

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